brisfest 2012

Brisfest 2012: A twisted tale of badgers and burlesque

brisfest 2012Along with 20,000 other music fans, I attended the first day of Brisfest music festival yesterday.

For those unaware of its origins it was created following the demise of the Ashton Court Festival, which started in the 1970s but was unable to continue as a free event and sadly closed.

brisfest 2012Organisers created Brisfest in 2007 to ensure the survival of a not-for-profit music festival in the city. Whilst previously held elsewhere, 2012 saw the event head to the picturesque Ashton Court Estate for the first time.

The festival’s aim is to support music, dance, art and food across the south west, with emphasis on local talent. That said, the increase in scale has seen it attract big-name headline acts this year including De La Soul, Roni Size and more.

brisfest 2012Yesterday myself and fellow festival goers were blessed with some great weather for this sold out event. Initially our group spent the afternoon wandering around soaking up the atmosphere: meeting colourful characters, posing with burlesque dancers, interrogating badgers and women on stilts, you know the drill.

Then, as darkness fell and everyone you know becomes an impossible-to-distinguish silhouette, the big acts stepped up. The penultimate act on the main stage was Beardyman. He delivered a bouncy, energetic set, using his unique set of beatbox skills and live looping.

brisfest 2012
He’s captivating to watch, half the time you forget he’s producing sounds and beats with that level of complexity using just a microphone. Check out a clip from his performance at Camp Bestival a few years ago. Unparalleled.

Then came the headline act, Jaguar Skills. A mash up DJ that rose to fame through mixtapes and hip hop. I consider him the lovechild of A-Trak, Skrillex and DJ Yoda. That may give some of you an idea of his style. If not, you’ll have to look those guys up and decide for yourself.

His Brisfest set was a montage of random voiceover clips and 70s and 80s samples, cut into fairly hard, aggressive, down and dirty dubstep. Check out this clip, the sound isn’t great but you get the idea.

I feel for the brave festival attendees today, the weather was awful. To compensate, they had a great lineup to close proceedings, in particular De La Soul who I imagine were wicked.

All in all yesterday – for me – was an enjoyable day. Cool music, crazy people and sunshine, what more could you ask for from a UK festival?

Jaguar Skills – listen and download a sample set here:

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