Sin City finds its dame – Eva Green

The hypnotically seductive Eva Green has been cast as Ava Lord, the ultimate femme fatale in Robert Rodriguez’s forthcoming film Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

First off I’d like to say I’m not one for overly dramatic fanboy geek outbursts when it comes to movie news. In this case I have to make an exception. I’ll readily hold my hands up and say this news had me jumping up and down like a kid at Christmas.

eva green dame to kill forIf Angelina Jolie wasn’t to be, then Eva Green is a fantastic choice. Previously, the rumours of which actress might be cast as Ava Lord had focused on Salma Hayek, Rose McGowan and Rachel Weisz, the latter for me being the most intriguing. In my last Sin City post I pondered the list of possible actresses and mentioned Eva, but only in passing.

I had little hope or expectation she’d be cast. Not because of any lack of acting talent on her part – far from it – but because the rumours suggested she wasn’t one of the favourites. Shame on me for listening to gossip! So, not only was this news fantastically exciting, but it was also unexpected – and let’s face it, surprise news is often the best.

I’m the money – every penny of it

Most of you will have had your first taste of delectable Eva in Casino Royale; her first encounter with Bond on the train was at once disarming, intelligent and alluring – not just for Bond, but for the audience too. Her piercing eyes, quirky smile and exquisite way she formed her words took us all by surprise. Who is this spell-binding woman? I imagine many of you exclaimed.

My first experience of Ms Green was Bernardo Bertulocci’s The Dreamers, a cult hit that launched her career. At the time the Director described her as ‘So beautiful, it’s indecent’. If there’s anyone more suited to play Ava Lord – Angelina excepted – then I’d like to hear who?

So, in terms of casting, we’re largely up to speed. About time too, considering they’re already filming and A Dame To Kill For is due for release November this year. I was excited before but now, with Green on board, I’ve just gone stratospheric. Book your seat now for the opening weekend and I’ll see you half way between the gutter and the stars, the heart of Basin City!

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