Best films of 2012: Haiku reviews

A few months ago I attended a writing class for work. One of the tasks was writing Haiku poems. In case you’re not familiar, these Japanese poems are made up of three lines with five syllables, then seven, then five.

From the class I found I quite enjoyed making these up and have decided to review my top films of 2012 in Haiku form. Originally I was going to remove the names of films to see if you can guess which is referenced in each Haiku, but that’s tough. Instead I’ll just say enjoy, comment and share with your friends. Hopefully they will inspire you to write your own.

skyfall bond scotland aston martinSkyfall

Sky is caving in
Angry komodo dragons
Flamboyant villain


Act like a big shot
Pretend you’re Canadian
Fool customs, go home

Moonrise-kingdomMoonrise Kingdom

A guy and a girl
Fall in love and run away
Scout troop hunts them down


Old Bruce and young Bruce
Time travel, blunderbuses
Fries brain like an egg


Guy with bipolar
Teams up with sexy, mad girl
Somehow wins dance comp


Lads find hole in ground
Gain powers yet lose control
Then film their downfallavengers_duo

Dark Knight Rises

Bad guy wears strange mask
Has funny voice, breaks the bat
Gets shot by the cat


Bickering heroes:
playboy, soldier, spy, archer,
god, scientist. Save world.

ted dinnerTed

Furry, drunken friend
Brought to life by a boy’s wish
Firm thunder buddies

Life of Pi

Boy adrift at sea
Shares boat with hungry tiger
Survives against oddsiko the raid

The Raid: Redemption

Drug lord’s tower block
Police trapped deep inside
One guy fights way out

The Hobbit

Dwarves wash dishes
Bilbo’s riddles best Gollum
White Orc loses arm

Beasts-of-the-Southern-Wild-chickBeasts of the Southern Wild

Name of Hushpuppy
Learns to beast it in Bathtub
Stands up to Aurochs

Rust and Bone

Tragic accident
Brings unlikely pair closer
They then fall in love

seven-psychopaths-rockwell21The Master

World War veteran
Meets leader of a movement
They form a weird bond

Seven Psychopaths

Incomplete screenplaymcconaughey
Stolen Shih Tzu, mad gangster
Ends with a shoot out

End of Watch

LA cops roam streets
Fall foul of local cartel
Brothers to the end

Magic Mike

Empire of strip clubs
A guy named Mike is kingThe-Grey-9-007
Ladies of Tampa

The Grey

Plane crash in the snow
Stuck in middle of wolf kill zone
Plan? Punch your way out

21 Jump Street

Young cops back to school
Trying to bust a drugs ring
Trip balls. Fuck you science!

So there we go. I hope you enjoyed this little list. To finish, here’s a scene from Wayne’s World where Wayne realises Garth just unknowingly used a Haiku.

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