Misfits series 5: the power of love

GregI’m slowly but surely losing interest in Misfits. There I’ve said it. It’s just not the same without Robert Sheehan. I mean, Jo Gilgun does his best, but I’m not sure it’s enough. And as for the rest of them? Well Karla Crome is lovely to look at, but the others may as well not bother to be honest.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh. There’s been a few moments in the current series so far that’s given me hope. The introduction of a support group for people with powers has been a nice touch. As has Alex’s power to have sex with people to remove their powers, culminating in an intimate and amusing scene with Finn.

But best of all has been Finn and the probation worker. The latter, normally consumed by some sort of inner torment, showed his sensitive side during karaoke in the last series. This scene takes that further, with a beautifully awkward moment involving Finn and a piano. A standout series moment so far.

I’ve heard this is the final series, so I’m hoping it will build to an epic finish. Only time will tell. Until then, enjoy the scene below. ‘The power of love, a force from above, cleaning my soul.’

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