Forever: Highlander meets CSI

The other week I started – quite at random – watching a new show called Forever starring Ioan Gruffudd. (The latest charming Brit to take the lead in an American TV show.)

Much like Highlander, the main character, Dr Henry Morgan (Gruffudd) is immortal. He can die, but he comes back to life again. Naked and floating in the nearest body of water. Ok, so a little different to Highlander. Reincarnating naked with a big sword and the Kurgan after you would be a bit of a raw deal.


Thankfully, no naked swordplay is involved as Henry is chief medical examiner for New York City. An apt career choice, given his intimate knowledge of death. The show quickly establishes his working relationship with Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) in a sort of will they, won’t they scenario.

What we get – at least in the first few episodes – is a sort of CSI meets Poirot meets Highlander, with the good doctor solving mysterious causes of death and murder cases seemingly at ease, whilst the police and everyone else follow him around like fascinated groupies.


As a character he’s articulate, debonair, impeccably dressed and vastly knowledgeable about a great breadth of topics. He’s got a sidekick (of sorts) in the form of an antiques dealer Abe (Judd Hirsch), whom he rescued as a baby.

As a show so far, it’s quite an easy watch. You never feel Henry is in that much danger (or that his secret skill to reincarnate will be revealed, at least not yet). There’s a running storyline about a mysterious stranger who knows Henry’s secret. No doubt the stranger will reveal themselves at some point.

So if you need a light-hearted show with some sparky dialogue, well-plotted stories and occasional ponderous reflections on death and the meaning of life, then give it a go.


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