The backpacker

Snapping straps at the airport giving little thought when you hear the last call.
Brimming with hope and ambition, yet suddenly feeling so small.
On a mission to meet new people, see new things, to experience the world and whatever it brings. The more you see the more your heart sings.

That first foot off the plane feels insane yet so right. You’re on your own now as your ride takes flight.
So… Where do you go now? What do you do?
You’d better find a place to stay pronto, that much is true.

Straps cutting your shoulders and weighing you down, you step out the airport and get lost in the crowd.
Accosted by sellers hawking their goods, but it’s nighttime now and everyone’s strange, cloaked in mysterious hoods.

The sights! The smells!

It’s a heady rush. You embrace the crowd and join the steady crush.
The onslaught of new sensations turns your mind to mush… but in a good way.
Discovering places new has turned your world Technicolor, when it used to be grey.

You’re travelling now.

This is the perfect excuse to change, to use your brain, to rearrange the way you think.
But now isn’t the time, you’re on a packed bus overwhelmed by the stink.
Opening your eyes to the sunrise you realise, to your surprise, you’ve just witnessed the demise of your old life.
This thought strikes you like a cold knife and sets you free.
You rattle the foreign coins in your pocket. Reassuringly, feeling them fills you with glee.

The world is your oyster. You’re staring at the harbour now, feeling boisterous.
Which boat do you take? Where do you go?
Sailing down this river will be another string to add to your travel bow.
You check your pockets and tighten your straps.
It’s time to go.
You don’t look back.

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