Liar liar, pants on fire!

Here I stand as a liar I gotta say I can’t help it.
I tell you now this whole thing is just bullshit.
This web of lies, it never damn ends.
It’s why I’m at my wit’s end with my friends.

But I’m not here to reform or offer confession.
Today this session a survival lesson.
One I’m proud to say really flies the flag, for those that lie and those that brag.

Lying you see, it’s simply more fun.
You can’t lie once and then just be done.
You need to spin it out, you need to embellish, take pride in your lies as you revel and relish.

For argument’s sake, let’s take the truth.
You make a choice early on in your misspent youth.
Do you have morals? Do you take the high road?
Do you have principles and live by a strict code?
If you do then you’re doomed I say.
The truth is black and white but lies are so grey.

The truth is a weapon, but so are lies.
Both sway your beliefs and churn your insides.
But from the evidence presented it’s up to you, you need to surmise what you’re gonna do.
Get it wrong this time and you’ll surely lose.

Ha! There I go, lying again.
It’s small wonder I don’t defend my friends.
But maybe I do and that’s another lie?
I plant my flag in the sand as I like to defy.
And when I’m in pain I go against the grain.
I don’t sit on the fence, my lies constantly change.
Like the tide, they ebb… and they flow,
I’ll have lied to you before you’ve said hello.
For if we cannot lie how do we expect to grow?

Start with white lies, sprinkled like snow.
Or like a little flame upon which you have to blow.
Feed the fire of disinformation, shift the blame, it’s now your vocation.
The elusive truth is now your narration.
If the truth was a football ground, you’re the fans.
This pitch invasion makes you face your clan.

And to your elation, lies spread fast.
It’s a revelation, you take the truth to task.
You focus on the detail and leave little to chance.
But the truth eludes you and slips from your grasp.
You blink fast as it hits you like an powerful wave, but you gotta stay strong, you gotta be brave.

Stopping for a moment you breathe deep and come clean.
Then you face your accusers, your face a little green.
This confession you offer you realise means nothing, your enemies confront you and it’s clear they want one thing.
Your head on a platter, or maybe a spike.
These lies have left you with a broken psyche.
A warped and twisted view of the world.
One that’ll get you banged up in jail.
For when the truth comes out it’ll be clear that you’ve failed.

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