The angel with the dirty face

Through the grime and mist of the club you spy her.
Make-up smudged and sweaty but still a beautiful siren.
She arches a brow as she spots your stare.
Then catches your frown as the club lights glare.
Smooth. What a way to start.
Mixed signals. Hardly a route to this girl’s heart.
But despite the noise, sweat and people this ain’t a race.
You’re prepared to put in the work for this angel with the dirty face.
She’s something else.
Possibly a succubus sent straight from hell.
But you’ll take your chances.
The crowds part as she prepares for your advances.
Your chemistry intense, loaded with pheromones.
She overloads your sense with light kisses like feather blows.
Your face flushed, all sorts of shades and redder tones.
She touches you.
Then your nethers explode as your wanton desire grows.
Who is the girl?
Where did she come from?
Chances are she’ll rock your world but come dawn she’ll be long gone.

Bleary-eyed a sliver of sunlight you spy through the curtains.
It’s morning and that girl was pure imagination.
Of that you’re certain.
Then she moves and the sheets undulate.
Christ, she’s real. At this rate you might suffocate.
But you keep it together. Be cool.
Remember to enunciate.
She laughes when she sees your brain whirring.
You falter, your embarrassment like a train stirring.
She’s seen you for what you are, utter vermin.
A burden, made all the more desperate by your yearning.

But something doesn’t ring true.
If that was the case this dirty angel would have spread her wings and flew.
But she remains.
‘Be not afraid’, she says.
And any games that you thought she might have played, in your head are instantly erased, tossed in the pit of your mind to be burnt in flames.
Then you both embrace.
And you’re hers, and she’s yours.
Whereever she came from you feel calmed in her presence, protected by a benevolent force.
God, this girl.
She’s both decadent and delicate, and elegant and desolate.
She’s petulant and elemental, a true force of nature.
Beautiful and cruel yet also gentle and brutal.
You can’t help but love her, and hate her.
That said, when she entered your life everything changed.
And by her grace, you were forever bound to this angel with the dirty face.

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