It came from beneath the sea

Fully-formed with mandibles.
(Or maybe that’s tentacles or tendrils?)
With barnacles protruding from its follicles.
It came from beneath the sea.
It bared its teeth as it left the ocean, jagged and green.
No longer would it have to fight off Sting Ray.
But come what may, land beckoned.
And it reckoned it was high time to leave the salty brine of its old life behind.

Looking back… the creature had been happy in its secluded lagoon.
Marooned in a bay festooned with food.
Then after many moons, humans moved in and swept the seas dry.
They breached the natural order of things and life began to wither and die.
At first the creature tried to save its habitat.
Fiercely protecting its cabbage patch.
Watching humans take a hatchet to the purity of the planet.
The creature snapped. It just couldn’t handle it.

So it decided it was time to bust out the ocean like a fighter of crime.
Bad ass, like Sharkey and George.
Like a rock god playing dastardly chords.
So ahead the creature forged gathering his deep sea gang.
Huddled in the fathoms they concocted a beastly plan.
But not every fish-man supported him.
So he faced them down with a contorted grin and battle rebuttals.
Winning them round they strategically formed a tactical huddle.
No longer safe inside their magical bubble, they had to act.
Consistently, they had to win battles back to back.

And they were outnumbered, they had to face that fact.
Not to mention the cold truth that many wouldn’t make it back.
But they had to risk it to preserve their way of life.
They had to make sure these invaders die and pay the price.

The problem the creature faced was he didn’t adhere to violence.
He feared what he would become.
It’s a mindset he kept at bay lest he become cold and numb.
But as he stood on the beach about to throw down he knew what needed to be done.
No fear. No mercy.
His warriors wanted blood, it was clear they were thirsty.
These humans would regret the day they invaded this cursed sea.
Then all of a sudden the oceans parted and there stood Poseidon.
The creature’s face dropped.
This happened on his watch and his boss was fearsome with that trident.
He’d gone against orders and defied him.
Always taught not to resort to violence he now faced the God of the Sea.
He’d failed at his job and knew for this he would surely bleed.

Yet with one look, Poseidon understood.
The creature’s loyalties had divided when humans invaded his hood.
So he invoked ancient powers and let the creature go.
Setting him free to walk the earth, to educate high and low.
‘Only take from the ocean what you can give back’, the creature preached.
‘This I swear, it’s simply fact.’

Converted as a disciple of Poseidon, the creature evolved.
Truth be told, he now walks the land brave and bold.
Spreading the word that water is life.
He now fights fiercely to defend the ocean’s rights.
So next time the sun sets and you’re near the sea, glance to the horizon.
You might get a sight of an aquatic freedom fighter.
One who burns with the power of Poseidon.

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