The dancer

Lost among stars in the rarified galaxy.
A dancer learns to dance and it’s such a sight to see.
A dolphin playing with waves he glides among asteroids.
Dicing with death, as when they collide en masse they get destroyed.
Facing the void he knows no fear.
Devoid of limitation facing foes without a care.
These stars are his to command and manipulate.
Forces demand their compliance, these planets had better capitulate.
Moving into orbit they align and gravitate.
The dancer moves with conviction, no need to hesitate.
He baits their trajectory, sealing their fate as moons scream.
Trailblazing, going interstellar, this is lunar lunacy.

Then he pauses.

Searching for electron degenerate matter.
A white dwarf, a dying star from an old chapter.
Yet the faster he dances space just gets blacker.
Solar flares pepper the planet’s surface like a cracked dagger.
The dancer then becomes sadder, he’s lost his swagger.
Ice covers him as he stops.
He breaks it and watches it shatter, floating away.
Roaming and constant probing won’t keep his demons at bay.
His sense of foreboding makes him feel like choking.
To dance among stars, is this the price you pay?

Then he spins and twirls, pushing towards an event horizon.
Solar spots blind him but he keeps locked eyes on.
He waxes and wanes emitting cosmic rays as he searches for zion.
He’s now Orion.
No longer a dancer but a bounty hunter.
Ripping up space till it’s torn asunder.
‘Was this the right path?’ he asks.
He can’t help but ponder and wonder.

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