She-Hulk: a patchy mess, but had its moments

A lot has already been written about this show, so I don’t want to retread old ground. I guess I’ll just offer my two cents, so to speak, but hopefully keep things short and sweet. Spoilers for anyone that has yet to watch or finish the season.

Good things

Tatiana Maslany: her performance, particularly as Jen Walters rather than She-Hulk, was superb. As a mild fan of Orphan Black (similarly, I loved her performance more than the show itself there, at least after season 2) I knew she’d be great.

Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil: Charlie Cox was always going to be a welcome addition to the show. As soon as he turned up his scenes with Tatiana sparked. They had instant and easy chemistry. They felt like a real couple. I wish he’d been in the show earlier.

Madisynn and Wongers: these two characters were introduced and.. well, Wong has turned up all over the MCU, but the two of them together were the perfect odd couple. They deserve a spin-off show.

Bad things

The story: let’s face it, this story was all over the place. Yes, it was meant to be a sit-com, but I’ve seen plenty of sit-coms that felt like they progressed and evolved. This one felt scrappy at best.

The comedy: some it worked, in particular the ‘Madisynn and Wongers’ episode, which felt very Buffy The Vampire Slayer in its tone. Other than that episode, many of the jokes (and side characters) fell kind of flat.

The ending: some people on the internet thought it was great. For me, all it really did was highlight that the writers hadn’t planned out much of a story, and just kept drawing attention to various plot holes and inconsistencies, instead of, you know, fixing them.

Ultimately, this show was a scrappy mess, just about made entertaining by Tatiana Maslany, and the late addition of Charlie Cox. I’d like to see a second season, but I hope it actually plots out a decent story and finds its feet in terms of comedic tone.

I give it a low 3/5 stars.


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