About Mikey P

Hi, I’m Mikey. I’m in my thirties. I’ve lived and worked in London since around 2004 or so. Here’s my story…

I grew up on the south coast of England (around Bournemouth) and was always a bit of a beach kid at heart, generally pretty sporty and active.

After college, I made my way to Bristol to university, to study law and marketing. And living alone, or at least with other students my age for the first time, was an eye-opener – in more ways than one.

Bristol, I felt, exposed me to more culture than I’d got to experience in Bournemouth. In particular, hip hop and street art (back when Banksy was only a known entity in the city and not elsewhere). I also continued to DJ during uni, DJing funky house records at a host of bars, clubs and house parties.

After uni I returned to Bournemouth. I bummed around a bit, working various jobs but never really finding my groove. So I decided to travel. I spent six months backpacking across southeast Asia, Australasia and South America and had the time of my life.

Upon returning home I found, yet again, I was restless. It felt like nothing had changed. So I moved to London to try and craft some kind of career. This took a while to get going, but eventually I found my way into marketing and publishing.

Fast forward about nine or ten years, and by 2013 I’d stumbled upon spoken word, and artists like Harry Baker, Polar Bear and Kate Tempest. This then led me to battle rap (which someone once called aggressive man poetry, and now I can’t forget it). Apart from being a fan of these art forms I found I also wanted to write and perform my own stuff. I think the desire had always been there, I’d just been shown the way.

So in the summer of 2016 to a crowd of about sixty people at a small festival of sorts, I performed my first poem. It was 1am, people were drunk and high, and I was nervous as hell. But despite a shaky start and forgetting my words, I got a buzz out of expressing myself. I wanted more.

Since then, on and off, I’ve performed at various poetry events around London. Nights and venues such as Spoken Word London, Raise the Bar, Boomerang, Westway Sessions, Hammer & Tongue, Word on the Street, Ziferblat, The Apple Tree and a few others.

I’m also writing a feature length film screenplay. And I’ve got an idea to one day try to write a play, and also a novel.

Follow my poetry on facebook https://www.facebook.com/mikeyplondon/
Connect with me on twitter and instagram @mikeyplondon

And I hope to see you at an event soon. Come say hi.

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