The top 5 performances of Ralph Fiennes

Somehow, I’ve not written about the living legend that is Ralph Fiennes before. And, these days, he’s just getting better with age. Well it’s high time we address that and look at my pick of his best performances. So here they are, my favourite five. Do you agree? What would yours be? Voldemort Harry Potter (2005-2011) A twisted, reptilian serpent of a villain, stealing every … Continue reading The top 5 performances of Ralph Fiennes

Naming Queen songs in film… don’t stop me now

Everyone loves a bit of Queen right? In tribute to their musical greatness I thought I’d highlight a few moments they’ve contributed to cinema. Whether – like the first two in the list below – they were responsible for almost the film’s entire soundtrack, or one of their songs were used in a particular scene, a bit of Queen goes a long way. Here are … Continue reading Naming Queen songs in film… don’t stop me now

That’s paranoia baby!

That creeping sense of dread. Tick, tock, goes the clock. Your time is up. Is someone approaching? Did I leave the oven on? And what about those damn test results? We’ve all got paranoid at one time or another. Difference is we’re often alone with our thoughts, or boring friends and family with our self-destructive ramblings. Whereas on film we’re witness to a character’s descent … Continue reading That’s paranoia baby!

Film composers – cinema’s unsung heroes?

“If I weren’t a director, I would want to be a film composer.” Steven Spielberg Would great films be great without great scores? Hard to know really. What I do know is that us humans are emotive creatures. Whilst visual images are often arresting, music cuts to the bone. It sears the soul in ways that, sometimes, visual cannot. Indeed, there’s something about music that … Continue reading Film composers – cinema’s unsung heroes?

The pen is mightier than the sword

Picture this: you’re in a fight, possibly to the death, and you’re on the brink of losing. You’re scrabbling around to find purchase on something, anything to give you an advantage. Your fingers grasp a thin object. Dimly, through the red mist, you realise the tides are turning, your luck is in; for you have come into your possession a weapon mightier than most in … Continue reading The pen is mightier than the sword