The top 5 performances of Ralph Fiennes

Somehow, I’ve not written about the living legend that is Ralph Fiennes before. And, these days, he’s just getting better with age. Well it’s high time we address that and look at my pick of his best performances. So here they are, my favourite five. Do you agree? What would yours be? Voldemort Harry Potter (2005-2011) A twisted, reptilian serpent of a villain, stealing every … Continue reading The top 5 performances of Ralph Fiennes

Top 10 ‘not Christmas’ movies

Ok, a little odd, but this is basically a list of either films that are set around Christmas time, but aren’t full blown Christmas films. My picks below are rated in order of how Christmassy I deem them to be – in terms of scenes or references within them. Continue reading Top 10 ‘not Christmas’ movies

Team Gleeson: It’s a family affair

Whoosh, a wisp of fire. Fiery red hair to be precise. First came Brendan, entertaining us with many rambunctious performances (I say entertaining like he’s done, he’s going from strength to strength). Then came Domhnall, son of Brendan, himself having enjoyed a rather varied career up till now, spanning comedy, romance, action, quirky indies and more. Yes, Team Gleeson is a cinematic family affair, one … Continue reading Team Gleeson: It’s a family affair

Has Colin Farrell lost his way?

I watched London Boulevard on TV at the weekend. The best way I can describe it is… You know those times when you’re feeling lonely and your phone buzzes? ‘Ah ha!’ you think, ‘I’ve got a text. Someone loves me’. Your chubby little fingers scramble to bring your device to life; only to discover it’s some automated message about which you couldn’t care less. You’re … Continue reading Has Colin Farrell lost his way?

Seven Psychopaths – one psycho too many?

Fours years has passed since Writer/Director Martin McDonagh gave us the critically-acclaimed In Bruges – a film where two hitmen lie low in Belgium after a job goes awry. The pairing of Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell as gangsters with mismatched feelings at being stuck in aforesaid town provide some brilliantly scripted, darkly comic scenes. With Seven Psychopaths I expected more of the same. Whilst … Continue reading Seven Psychopaths – one psycho too many?