The misogynist rapper

I got my money and my bitches and my guns, in the club. Repping like a G. Then I spark up a blunt. But I don’t smoke. So I choke up my lungs. Then set off all the fire alarms. Damn, I’m a mug. But, I’m hella-strong never wrong baby. Black fire you liar I’m never this lazy. I give you a taste, we race … Continue reading The misogynist rapper

Doctor Strange: Marvel continue to mix it up

From the opening third of this movie I thought, here we go, Inception on acid with a large helping of Batman Begins. No bad thing, but still… everything draws from something else, so the studio had to make this movie stand out; but also give it that Marvel flavour. Which, happily, they did; with mystic monks bending matter and reality and turning cities into living … Continue reading Doctor Strange: Marvel continue to mix it up