Industry (2020) review: This Life meets Billions

I don’t know what it is about stories that focus on investment banking, but I kind of dig them. Industry (2020) is an HBO-BBC co-production that focuses on a group of young, sexy graduates trying to forge their careers at a London investment bank called Pierpoint & Co. Continue reading Industry (2020) review: This Life meets Billions

Tribes of Europa: The 100 meets Children of Men

Hands up, who’s into post-apocalyptic when it comes to movies and TV shows? I know I am. Idly browsing Netflix the other day I stumbled on a new ones, Tribes of Europa (2020). A German show, with a mix of German and English dialogue, it’s set in our world, in the near future of 2074 and after the collapse of society. Continue reading Tribes of Europa: The 100 meets Children of Men

Knives Out: a twisty, hilarious tale from Rian Johnson

After getting lambasted by angry man-babies for his attempt to do something very slightly different with Star Wars, you could forgive writer-director Rian Johnson if he decided he wanted to retreat to the hills never to make a movie again. However, the best thing you can do, with most setbacks in life, is to get back out there. And boy, he did. For Knives Out … Continue reading Knives Out: a twisty, hilarious tale from Rian Johnson

Mindhunter: season one review

This show, about how the FBI came to profile and understand serial killers, has been on David Fincher’s radar for quite some time in various guises and, such is the way these days, has languished a bit in development hell until Netflix picked it up. Which is actually the perfect place for it.  Now for anyone thinking that, with Fincher attached, this would be the … Continue reading Mindhunter: season one review

Spider-Man: Homecoming – review

So Spidey is back – and now with added baby-faced Tom Holland. Back in the day Tobey Maguire had three goes at the role with Sam Raimi directing: Spider-Man (2002), Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Spider-Man 3 (2007). Then Andrew Garfield had a crack with Marc Webb in charge: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014). And each, arguably, suffered from the law … Continue reading Spider-Man: Homecoming – review

Logan: sad, beautiful and final

James Mangold is a compelling director; in that a lot of his work has real emotional depth and nuance, and often benefits from repeat viewing. And he’s kind of underappreciated. I mean, Girl, Interrupted, 3:10 To Yuma and Walk The Line all had him at the helm. And yes, granted, he’s also got The Wolverine on his filmography, but we’re all allowed a little stumble now and … Continue reading Logan: sad, beautiful and final

The Leftovers: season two review

Where does one begin with The Leftovers? It’s safe to say it’s like no other show out there. For sure, it has shades of other shows, mostly drama. But there’s a lot in there, and a lot that’ll go over your head (it did mine). It’s also maddeningly infuriating too. As viewers and consumers and fans and critics we’re used to knowing everything these days. … Continue reading The Leftovers: season two review