The labyrinth

Before long you’re lost and alone. At first you feel like a forgotten King. Like a boss on the throne. Then paranoia sets in. Where is home? Which way do you go? Cos maps mean nuthin’ here sunshine. This situation ain’t divine. All you’ve now got is fear and time. Maybe you deserve this? It’s clear you’re here cos you’re worthless. Like a broken banger … Continue reading The labyrinth

Evolving monkey

Fat monkey, cheeky monkey. You’re so funny. Sat there evolving, resolve dissolving. Dealing with big, scary feelings that make you feel like bolting. Have you straight up flee, running like hell for the trees. Like you’re fighting a disease cos your mind’s a maelstrom. And right now… you’re about to fail, son. Cos your brain’s a storm of conflict as blood vessels constrict and you … Continue reading Evolving monkey